Be part of the future of cycling esports. Contribute directly to the success of athletes participating in CVR World Cup Paris through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding benefits participating athletes by growing the CVR World Cup Paris prize pool. The prize pool has already grown 15.4% to $44,437. Currently, prize pool and cheering contributions, in their entirety, go directly to the prize pool and, thus, the athletes.

In addition to crowdfunding, Cycligent and CVR World Cup take esports engagement to another level via their new cycleVIEW™ application. It gives you the tools to support your favorite athletes like never before.

Interact with the athletes directly through cheering, messaging, and view selection. You can even select multiple views of the event and watch them simultaneously!

Support your favorite athlete and check out cycleVIEW™ now at

Crowdfunding has been the foundation for hugely successful esports like DOTA 2. DOTA 2’s prize pool for The International, which concluded last week, reached $24.8 million (US). Be a part of doing the same for virtual cycling!

More details on cycleVIEW and crowdfunding are coming soon; follow the CVR World Cup facebook page (link) to keep up-to-date with the growing CVR World Cup Paris Prize Pool.

#CVRWorldCup – Putting the sport in esports™