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CVR are in the new again, this time on a major international new site which gets over 40 million view a month!

“The Sweaty Esports are Coming”

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What could be more exciting than watching a line of cyclists spinning madly on stationary bikes, sweating profusely, faces grimacing, eyes transfixed on computer screens positioned before them?

Almost anything, right?

Ah, but there’s more to this scene. The cyclists are inside the National Velodrome in Paris, and these aren’t exercise bikes. The 10 extremely fit cyclists are decked out in full racing kit, pedaling svelte racing bikes mounted on indoor trainers that impart varying levels of resistance to the riders’ effort. Those computer screens are tuned in to a virtual cycling platform, and that’s where the action is. In the virtual world, each rider’s avatar is pedaling through a landscape punctuated with alpine peaks, tunnels, dark forests and lava-spewing volcanoes. The avatars duke it out as riders would in a real race — at times in a tight pack, at times responding to heroic breakaway attacks. A steep climb on screen corresponds to an uptick in resistance on the bike. The race may be virtual, but the pain is real. And it actually is exciting to watch.