The UK vs. The World: UK Takes Victory

June 6, 2017

The CVR World Cup London, the UK versus The World just happened! A huge congratulations go out to extremely talented and determined athletes who won:


First Place:      Rachael Elliot

Second Place: Lindsay Guerra

Third Place:     Heidi Gould


First Place:      Tim Cartwright

Second Place: Kim Little

Third Place:     Adrian Timmis

A very well played, ridden and contested competition by the UK team, and thanks to everyone who lined up on the bikes.

 “Indoor trainer riding used to be something that people used to train for other things. CVR has turned it into a race series that athletes all over the world are training FOR!”

– Lindsay Guerra


The CVR World Cup in London was held at a unique venue in Shoreditch, London called Kachette, an old train station created by Victorian architects in 1860.  Two railway arches mark the space and exposed brick made for a divided set up, with Cycligent Cockpits and Cannondale bicycles in one of the arches with seating for about 40 spectators.   The second arch was occupied by our commentators, Nathan Guerra and Dr. Chris Haskell, a number of spectators and a full view of the stream projected on the wall.

The energy in the room, however, was palpable.  Racers had weighed in, met their competition in person, some for the first time and tried to settle their nerves while fueling up their bodies for the race.  Camera crews and spectators filled the room, enjoyed cocktails and buzzed around making predictions on who would win the race.

Expertly hosted by Bike Channel’s Rebecca Charleton, the competition started first with the women’s race, and the ladies did not disappoint.  Rachael Elliot was able to take a strong lead early on, pushing hard for a win while Lindsay Guerra and Heidi Gould competed for 2nd and 3rd place with vigor.

After the ladies battled, it was the men’s turn to put on a show, and what a competition it was! The World team worked together, fighting hard to support one another and help each other get a leg up, but ultimately, the UK team took it over, to take all 3 podium spots.

Streamed to over 20,000 viewers around the world, Cycligent introduced its new telemetry tracking system, showing the positioning of all riders on the course and their elevation as well as their positioning in chase groups.  This made for an excellent esport viewing experience as the racers were profiled by the commentators, viewers could see the placement of the other competitors if not currently on the stream.

The biggest takeaway for the participants of the race were the friendships that were born from the experience, and being able to meet each other, for many, in real life, rather than through their Zwift avatars. Whether traveling in from The World team, or traveling locally from within the UK, the riders created a sense of camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

“A truly amazing experience that I feel honored to have been part of… incredible racing, incredible organization, amazing atmosphere and super people not only those who have spent months getting this all up and running but everyone who took part… truly inspiring…. An enriching experience that will stay with me forever.”

-Heidi Gould


A benefit auction was also held for World Bicycle Relief, with many pitching in to purchase raffle tickets and bid on silent auction items.  We’re grateful for all donations supporting this wonderful organization.


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