The CVR World Cup is a burgeoning venture, and with a few live events under our belts, we’ve been thrilled to see growth in both online viewership and in-person audience.  Though we’re no strangers to the start-up culture, when trying something new there are always challenges, a lot of hustling and a lot of hope that our ideas will be well received, our tools will be used, and our events will be attended.  Promotions are an essential part of a new venture, and we’ve been extremely fortunate (and are incredibly grateful) to have had the CVR World Cup racers help in sharing their experience leading up to, during and post-event.  A special shout out and huge thanks go out to each and every participant.

As special thanks, the CVR World Cup is pleased to announce that two special acknowledgments will go out to a women’s and men’s participant who went above and beyond to share their journeys in the social media world.  Congratulations to Lindsay Guerra and Stephen Tweed!  For sharing your honest and entertaining stories about your CVR experience via social media we’re sending you $500 US to treat yourself.

Lindsay charmed us with her video blog series leading up to her journey across the pond that included some hilariously entertaining conversations with a scale, sensible recovery tips and a recipe for a post-workout coffee drink that kept us buzzing all day long.  Several appearances by her adorable brood of children pouring ice on her tired legs and massaging her back with their little feet certainly made us smile from ear to ear.  Thank you, Lindsay, for entertaining us, educating us and for promoting the CVR event with your wide network.  Your racing skills are certainly admired by many!  Congrats on 2nd place in the race as well.

Stephen, known in the Zwift community as “Tweedy,” had us hooked with his honest and endearing tales of his initial shock and fear tinged with excitement, and then trials and tribulations as he trained and prepared to compete.  Steve’s straightforward and humorous delivery was relatable to all of us, and the description of his journey had us feeling as if we too were at the CVR World Cup with a gaggle of characters.  Most notably, Steve’s humbleness and graciousness towards all those who lent a hand in his training and encouragement in the venue was recognizable to all.  We, too, choose Team Beer! Thanks, Steve, for sharing your journey and for giving the race all of your gusto.

To all of the CVR World Cup racers, announcers, emcees and behind the scenes crew, we’re eternally grateful for your participation.  Of course, these events couldn’t happen without you. You are what makes the CVR World Cup a success.

Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Grazie! Domo Arigato! Dankje!