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Esports is exploding. Cycligent is pioneering a new form of esports where the virtual meets the physical. In this new form of esports, real people on real bicycles putting out real effort are digitized into a virtual world where they compete for large prize purses. Crowdfunding has raised Cycligent Esports CVR World Cup Paris prize pool to $44,735 (USD). The event will be held in Paris, France at the National Velodrome on September 15th and 16th.

Physical esports is accelerating. In only its third event, the first two were held in Las Vegas and London, CVR World Cup is exceeding the minimum one-day prize money requirement for UCI pro cycling races for men, HC Class (€18,800/$22,320) and paying out more than eight times the minimum one-day prize money requirement for UCI one day women’s races, Class 1 (€2,353/$2,795, please note the UCI does not have an HC Class for women). In this way, CVR is bringing equality to cycling by having the same size prize pools for men and women. (See

Frank Gacia, CEO of Cycligent Esports and founder of CVR World Cup, states: “This will not only continue but will accelerate in the future.  We are bringing cycling to esports and that will change the landscape of cycling forever. It will be better for riders, better for spectators, and better for those who participate online in the virtual landscape.”

In addition to large scale live events, with food and live music, Cycligent is innovating new ways to watch and engage esports stars during events with its new cycleVIEW™ application. cycleVIEW™ gives viewers the ability to choose and watch multiple streams including individual riders, telemetries and the main broadcast stream, among other selections. It also gives viewers the ability to cheer for and send messages to their favorite athletes.

The cycleVIEW™ application can be accessed, and crowdfunding donations can be made, at ( Please note, cycleVIEW™ is currently pre-loaded with footage from London so people can get comfortable being in the director’s chair before Paris.

Free tickets for the live September 16th event at the Velodrome National De Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines in Paris are available at

To promote its events and offerings CVR World Cup is currently running a contest with an opportunity to win an Alienware Alpha R2 computer among other prizes. The contest is at:

CVR World Cup Prize Pool information can be seen at:

Follow CVR World Cup developments such as upcoming announcements regarding cycleFANTASY™ and the daily rider reveals for CVR World Cup Paris at ( or (

To book Frank Garcia for an interview, or to get more information about Cycligent or the CVR World Cup, please call Vanessa Mauerhan at US 520-615-4182 Ex 740 or email her at [email protected].

Cycligent Esports is the world leader in competitive virtual cycling events including the CVR World Cup, and the owner of Cycligent virtual reality technology.