Age:     42

Expected Race Weight:

FTP:    371 watts

Gavin joins the CVR World Cup as the “UK” winner of London’s Race-in™ where two lucky participants were afforded a space in the race by winning (and being registered in advance)!

An entrepreneur and chartered manager with an MBA from Newcastle University, Gavin is a triathlete and spends typically 14 hours a week training.  Having qualified and raced for Great Britian on numerous occasions, Gavin has represented the country in age group European championship races around Europe. Gavin’s greatest supporters are his wife Joanne and two daughters Camille and Evie, who are also very active and love triathlons.  Read more about Gavin’s cycling experience below:

“I found Zwift by recommendation of a friend and as I had a Wahoo KICKR trainer and I’ve been addicted ever since. I have done over 4000KM and 100HRs these will be typically race or the hard training events. I started Triathlon in 2010 so I’ve been cycling for 7 years, this was post MBA after hours spent studying at a computer, I needed a challenge and it has lived up to expectations. Cycling is most certainly my strongest event and the most enjoyable.

Zwift has been a revelation to me since starting in the end of 2016, MY FTP has increased from 300 approx, upto 363watts and improving. I also believe my fitness has exponentially increased as well. I used to race at 80KG, I now see my body weight fluctuating between 76-77KG and with the increased power can only be beneficial for racing. I have been recently racing for Innovation on Zwift, and have found a great daily training session with a fantastic group of people working hard and banter hard, Kyle Augustine certainly knows how to shake break and have great rides with a great group of riders.  I do look forward to seeing what a years worth of training on Zwift and CVR races does.

We wish you all the best in London at the CVR World Cup!  Tickets to attend LIVE in venue can be secured here: Or, you can stream LIVE at