Age: 44

Expected Race Weight: 63.5kg / 140 lbs

FTP:    330 watts

Jokim Pluijmers joins the UK vs. The World race representing his home nation The Netherlands.  A lifetime athlete, Jokim is a seasoned Triathlete and speed skater who suffered an injured hip from his efforts, driving him to focus solely on cycling and Zwift racing.  Training with purpose and chasing goals are what drives Jokim, and Zwift allows him the balance to perform as a finance manager and father of two young daughters.  Determination and consistency are two of Jokim’s greatest tools when making the difference at the finish line… Read on to learn more, and make sure to tune in to view Jokim compete on June 6th in London!

“In more than a year I gained a lot of experience in eRacing. Formerly, my primary focus on the bike was longer steady paced solo rides of 4 hours above 40 km/H. Zwift racing has totally changed that into shorter & faster rides. Besides (team) tactics and how to approach a race, what really stands out on my learning curve is to go as hard as possible when needed and not losing the wheel in front of me. As a former triathlon athlete and longer TT specialist, I always automatically paced my efforts well to make sure there is sufficient left in the tank for the last leg and that had to be changed.

Apart from a couple of “IRL” Time trails, my racing focus is almost solely on Zwift. The flat and windy roads in my country do not favor strong, but lighter riders like me.  I do not like all the hassle surrounding real-life races, like crashes or bad weather, getting there, or having a far from ideal warm-up during a difficult set up. But mostly, I race online because Zwift racing is so much fun and addicting!”

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