Age:     33

Expected Race Weight: 134

FTP:    229 watts

Hannah Slade has been Zwifting since Autumn of 2016, but has only recently begun competing in races.  A UK native, Hannah represents the UK Team for the Women.  Hear her story below:

“I’ve always enjoyed cycling: for commuting; for the environment; for general fitness and the sense of freedom it provides.

To supplement my leisurely weekend rides (as well as an anecdote to a fairly sedentary office job), I started attending spin classes at my local gym in 2012. I loved the atmosphere and intensity of the workouts however always left wondering what tangible data I had produced: there was no way of knowing how far I had ridden; at what speed; and crucially, whether I was improving.

In response to this, I took the plunge and bought my first road bike in 2014. With the help of apps such as Strava,                 it enabled me to track progress and was fun to see how I compared with riders in the local area. However, due to the UK’s cold, wet and dark evenings coupled with horrific road surfaces my outdoor cycling tended to trail off in the winter period. It was at this point I invested in a turbo trainer, power meter and, in autumn 2016, was introduced to the wonderful world of Zwift.

Zwift gives me the opportunity to train efficiently in a limited time frame, whenever I choose. Additionally, compared to riding outside where factors such as junctions, traffic lights and down hills influence your power data, completing training sessions on Zwift gives you maximum bang for your buck. It’s also really good fun and highly addictive! As well as improving my FTP, my current goal on the game is to join more group rides to really immerse myself into the Zwift experience and community.

I have never raced in a cycle event before and have only participated in the one Zwift race so I consider myself a complete rookie however I’m really looking forward to being thrown in the deep end and hope I’m a fast learner!”

We wish you all the best in London at the CVR World Cup!  Tickets to attend LIVE in venue can be secured here: Or, you can stream LIVE at