Age: 32

Expected Race Weight: 57 kg / 125 lbs

FTP:    267 watts

Heidi Gould is from Dorchester Dorset and has never done any type of virtual cycling, nor has she ridden on Zwift.  However, her strong and dedicated training regimen, and ability to race at the highest level of mountain biking in the UK certainly places her as a strong contender in the CVR World Cup. Read on for Heidi’s story.

“Although I have always ridden a bike it was only occasionally and for leisure. In my early twenties I got a road bike and got into this aspect of it, taking part in local club runs, time trials, hill climbs and at least once a year heading to France to ride some of the big mountain climbs in the beautiful area of Provence and the Alps.

5 years ago I decided to have a go at the regional and National cross country series, I entered the sport category and had a really good season winning quite a few races.

I decided to carry on and due to the lack of numbers at that time in the expert category I went straight to the Elite category…I got myself a coach and put in a solid winters training knowing  I would have a challenging time ahead racing against some of the Countries best riders.

Towards the end of 2015 I was invited onto the Merida Factory Racing team and it was at the last race of the season that I took my first Elite win at a Regional race.

2016 was another good year for me, with lots learnt I was getting physically and mentally stronger.

I came into the 2017 season with a good winter behind me and the results are showing, with good results at regional level I also took my first ever top ten with a 9th place at a National xc race a few weeks ago, sitting around the top ten in the other two Nationals I am hoping for a top ten at the National MTB championships in the summer.

This will be my first Cycligent event.

Cycling has definitely transformed my life, I love the freedom that riding a bike can bring, and the many great places it can take you that you may not otherwise see, I also love the network of friends that you make along the way and the diversity of the people that you meet – cycling really does break down the barriers that society creates and I think that’s something truly special.”

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