Age: 46
Expected Race Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lbs
FTP:    205 watts

Jo Ganley, born and bred in London, has only recently discovered Zwift.  Like many other Zwifters, her work as a Business Systems Analyst keeps her busy and hopping from London to Leeds to Yorkshire, so training on Zwift has increased her ability and allowed her continue exercising when the weather is rotten.  Read on for more, and best of luck in London!

“I have only just discovered Zwift following good write ups by some of the other “sufferlandrians.” I was going to use it as more of a recovery tool and stay in Zone 2 for the initial ride but then someone overtook me!!! I had to chase!  And this has set the tone.

I have never done a competitive bike race before!  I take part in a virtual racing league run by Knights of Sufferlandria which involves recording efforts against other knights (male and female). I used the training videos originally (about four years ago). From this I got into the online community there and was inspired to take the challenge to become a knight (10 videos in a row which is about 10 hours in the saddle). This I achieved just over a year ago on the same day as Janis and she is an inspiration to me.

I am looking forward to the challenge. I am a complete novice so hope I can do my best to make the UK proud; there are some amazing cycling records to aspire to.”

We wish you all the best in London at the CVR World Cup!  Tickets to attend LIVE in venue can be secured here:; Or, you can stream LIVE at