Age: 36

Weight: 115lbs/52 kg

FTP: 228 Watts

Representing the USA for the “WORLD” Team, Lindsay Guerra is a veteran CVR World Cup participant, having taken 1st place in the inaugural Las Vegas Kick-Off Event.  Having just come off of competing in a mountain bike race, Lindsay is primed and ready to compete.

“I grew up with a cyclist for a dad and started racing mountain bikes at the age of 22.  Over the next 10 years my husband and I had five children. I raced on and off between pregnancies while my husband spent six years in college while also training to be a professional mountain bike racer and grow his coaching business and our Team, Vision Cycling. Over the last three years Zwift  has been instrumental in my return to the cat 1/pro women’s elite field. I am the current pro women’s series leader in the Wisconsin off road Series which is the largest State competition in America.  I was second overall in 2016 and third overall in 2015 and won the Midwest mtb championship for my age group in 2016.  My husband Nathan Guerra is the creator behind  Zwift  community live and I run a weekly lifestream on the channel for the Zwift community.  I am honored to compete at CVR London after seeing the success and potential of CVR Vegas.”

We wish you all the best in London at the CVR World Cup!  Tickets to attend LIVE in venue can be secured here: Or, you can stream LIVE at