Age: 38
Expected Race Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs
FTP: 385 watts

Tim Cartwright, from Newbury, Berkshire in the UK considers himself an amateur cyclist and time trial specialist who utilizes Zwift, as many people do, to optimize his training time while balancing a full life as a research scientist and family man. A member of the Newbury Road Club with fellow CVR World Cup racer Rachael Elliott, Tim was at first skeptical of racing on Zwift, but as you can see below, you can consider him a convert. Good luck in London, Tim!
“For me, Zwift is almost the perfect training tool. The community organized racing makes training enjoyable and fun.

First and foremost I am a dad, husband and research scientist. Close second I am an amateur cyclist and would consider myself a time trial specialist. These races are generally aerobic threshold efforts lasting between 20 and 120 minutes. With limited time to train, targeting this energy system requires lots of long interval training sessions at an effort level which is too high to concentrate on the TV but not quite intense enough to be completely immersive. Anyone who has ever trained in this way will know there are many superlatives describing the experience, soul destroying sums it up pretty well. The worst part is that the most efficient method of training in this way is on a turbo trainer! This is where Zwift and the Zwift community works its magic.

In January 2016 I was told about Zwift by Newbury Road Club team mate Rachael Elliott, she conveyed how much fun it was and explained how well she thought I would fair racing. I promptly ignored all of this thinking: Smart trainer? Inaccurate power readings! New PC, Ant+ Dongle? Power-ups, cheating etc.

By April, the weather in the UK hadn’t picked up and I gave Zwift a try. In May, I decided to join one of the KISS evening races to test the water. The decision was made in July to ditch all my trainer based interval sessions and simply take part in three Zwift races per week, this worked well and was helped by discovering a Twitch stream hosted by a fast talking American called Nathan Guerra who shouted out my name and told me I was doing really well whenever I got to the front of the pack. Massive motivation, thank you Nathan.

In the Meantime, Glen Knight asked me to join his virtual team, KRT (KISS Racing Team) and the rest is logged in CVR and history.

Limited time to train also means limited time to race outdoors and my 2017 season hasn’t really got into full swing yet but I feel stronger than ever with my first two races yielding power, PBs and course records. This can definitely be put down to Zwift racing. I owe a lot to the community of volunteers who organize the racing and to everyone involved in Zwift Community Live who always produce top level broadcasts. The CVR World Cup event will be an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the massively talented amateur cyclists whom I have only ever seen in a virtual sense.”

We wish you all the best in London at the CVR World Cup! Tickets to attend LIVE in venue can be secured here: Or, you can stream LIVE at