Cycligent is proud to announce Andy Jackson who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Andy is 42 years old and has been cycling for over 30 years and competing for 15.

He’s the current UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) 6-hr World Champion, as well as the former UK National Team Time Trial Champion and a six-time Ironman triathlete.

Andy has competed in 6 Ironman competitions including the Hawaii World Championships in 2004.

He’s also the top-ranked UK time trialist with times of (18 minutes, 2 seconds for 110 miles), (46 minutes, 56 seconds for 25 miles), and (12 hours for 307 miles). Andy also got a bronze in the UK national 12-hour with 307 miles in early August 2017.

Much of his riding time is done on Zwift, where he has competed in 10 Zwift races. He credits Zwift with helping him pace his racing, and create structured training sessions, as well as improve his time trials. Jackson said Zwift is good for working on weak spots,
sprints, short burst efforts, and hill climbing.

He rides between 25-30k KM per year, with approximately 50% of that on Zwift.

Earlier this year he started morning training sessions racing with INNOVATION (INC).

Outside of spending time cycling, Andy lives in the UK, and is the company director of Whitworths Ltd, as well as a founding partner of the bespoke bike manufacturer EVO2MAX.