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Cycligent is proud to announce Fleur Kessels who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Fleur is 26 years old and has been cycling for 14 years.

She started racing in youth and junior categories.

In 2007, she postponed her racing career, due to a crash. A crash that led to a year-long shoulder rehabilitation.

Throughout the years, she’s dealt with health issues related to blood sugar control. In April 2016, she stabilized her blood sugar and started cycling again.

Today, she’s recovering from a rather nasty tumble that happened in February 2017. It happened during a sprint finish. Unfortunately, her left shoulder bore the brunt of it. As a result of the crash, she got more involved with Zwift.

First, she focused on the workouts, and then she got involved in the group rides; in particular Theia Friestedt’s Tuesday Zwift Academy intensity workout for women.

She hasn’t looked back since. She even managed to get a Zwift ride in on a 30-degree Celsius day.

Fleur loves the camaraderie during the Zwift Academy rides. She says they’re a lot of fun and she’s made a lot of Zwift friends.

She has competed 5 Zwift races. RideLondon being the most notable.

Outside of cycling, Fleur lives in Delft (South-Holland, NL). She is an Aerospace Engineering student (MSc, Delft University of Technology). Fleur graduated in Social & Organizational Psychology (MSc, Leiden University) and is currently an intern that is controlling flight operations at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.