Cycligent is proud to announce Harriet Dodd who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Harriet is 19 years old and has been racing for 5 years.

Her racing includes multiple disciplines.

She discovered racing after watching the Tour de France on TV with her family. This is one of her fondest memories. Harriet was amazed with the passion and commitment the riders demonstrated. At that point, she persuaded her mom to buy her a road bike.

Now she can’t stop racing, whether on the road, or with her new Pivot Boompods team.

Harriet says she loves riding more than ever. Cycling has been the answer to a lot of things in her life. While juggling studies and competing, cycling has allowed her to have a big focus outside of work, yet also provide her with a break and release, from many day-to-day stressors. Cycling has also given her the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people, make new friends, and visit many new places.

To date, she has never competed in a Zwift race.

She went from winning tiny regional road races in 2013, to winning her first national mountain bike race in 2017.

Outside of cycling, Harriet is excited to leave for Brighton University to study Psychology, as well as find new trails around the South Downs Way.