Cycligent is proud to announce Inge Jansen who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Inge is 28 years old and has been cycling for 2 years.

Prior, she was a ballet dancer, gymnast, runner, and competitive swimmer.

Until two years ago, she regarded cycling as merely a mode of transportation.  After getting her first road bike, she became hooked.

When she started cycling two years ago, her main focus was increasing cycling distance, which led to a 2-day tour across the Netherlands.  Next, her focus shifted to increasing her speed and power.  This coincided with her participation in the first edition of Zwift Academy.  The structured workouts proved to be an excellent way to increase racing power.

During ZA she started to participate in racing.

In summer 2016, she joined a few IRL races on a closed circuit.

Recently, through Zwift, she has raced 46 times, as a member of Team PTz.

She also participates regularly in Zwift Academy, where she is steadily increasing her power.  One of the reasons she is dedicated to Zwift is due to the fact that she can participate in virtual races without having a coach, formal team, or license.  She also loves competing in the women’s races and is especially enjoying all the new friendships she’s made all over the world.

Outside of cycling, Inge lives in Ciijk in the Netherlands with her boyfriend and 2 dogs.

She recently graduated with her  MSc in Methodology and Statistics.

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