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Cycligent is proud to announce Ione Johnson who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Ione is 19 years old and has been cycling since she was 12 years old.

As a child, she played rugby and hockey every weekend. She was also a competitive swimmer.

When she was 14, she decided to race at Track Nationals. Since then she hasn’t looked back and has enjoyed pretty much every moment of cycling.

She was born in London until her parents decided to move to New Zealand in 2006. Ione now lives in Karori, just outside of Wellington.

Although she experienced a few bumps in the road over the last couple of seasons, she looks forward to seeing how the final half of the year goes. She loves cycling, and is super excited to see where it takes her.

Ione really looks forward to racing this year and gaining more experience by racing overseas.

She has amazing training grounds and cycling culture to immerse herself in. Both her coach, Dylan Stewart from Training Wheels and Tristan Thomas have been providing amazing support for her. She is also grateful for the support of her family who ignited her passion, and kept her going over her 5 years of cycle racing. Ione is new to Zwift and has competed in 4 races.

Over the past 3 months she’s had 2 serious incidents in races where she’s been taken out. The first is where she got knocked out and had 4 weeks of concussion-related symptoms. The 2nd happened 10 weeks after when a crash took place in front of her and she had nowhere to go. She hit the deck hard and it resulted in another concussion. Coming back has been tough mentally. She said it’s important for her to just stay positive. Ione has found it’s good to just look forward to the races coming up and take it all in stride.

The CVR World Cup has opened her eyes to the new possibilities that riding a bike can provide, including racing in Paris.