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Cycligent is proud to announce Jenny Johansson who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Jenny is 40 years old and has been cycling for 7 years.

In addition to cycling, she is a swimmer, skier, and triathlete.

In 2005, she was hit by a car while cycling. Her injuries required extensive healing time, and will never heal 100%. For many years she didn’t cycle, and instead focused on dog agility competitions. Two years ago, she decided to cycle again. Her husband supported her in all ways possible, including getting her new gear. She still had trouble finding the motivation to push herself.

So, she set a goal to finish the 138 km Maratona dles Dolomities with all its 4320 meters of elevation gain, Juli this year. Overcoming the accident and being able to finish Maratona dles Dolomities was a great personal victory for Jenny.

This, in combination with the investment in a home trainer and Zwift, gave her the necessary motivation to move ahead. After fulfilling her goal, she noticed a boost to her level of motivation.

Jenny says that Zwift makes it possible for her to train on days when the weather or her pain level makes it impossible to train outside.

She said that she improves her performance by setting goals and going after them, and that success is more mental than physical.

Outside of cycling, she likes to travel, cook, eat, and train her two dogs. Jenny and her husband live in Denmark.