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Jessica is 35 years old has been cycling for about 2 years.

As the child of a US naval officer, she traveled the world with her parents and her two younger sisters, living in places like Japan and many parts of the U.S.

Cycling has always been a part of Jessica’s life because her father is an avid cyclist. About 2 years ago, Jessica fell in love with cycling. After losing 100lbs, she became active and was enjoying running and Crossfit. Her father urged her to try cycling. Jessica started tandem riding with her father, and then progressed to riding on her own.

She discovered Zwift about 2 years ago and graduated Zwift Academy in 2016. After graduation, she began Zwift racing. This made her feel more confident riding in groups.

So far, she has completed 5 races.

Cycling has allowed her to push herself physically and mentally, as well as keep weight off and relieve herself of stress.

Zwift is great for Jessica because she can cycle when she can’t be out on the roads. It’s a great escape to ride the roads of London, Watopia or Richmond, and then be able to get back to work, cook dinner, or hang out with her kids.

About a year ago, she encountered a particularly rough time in her career, and was not able to cycle as much as she normally would. When she did find time to cycle, it was on Zwift.

She also credits Zwift with getting her involved with, and making friends with female cyclists that empower and inspire her. Outside of cycling, she is a Controller for an HVAC company. She lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, in the USA, with her husband Dan and two children, Matthew and Grace.