Cycligent is proud to announce Justin Purificati who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Justin is 27 years old, a resident of Ontario, Canada, and has been cycling since he was only 13.

Throughout his life, he’s competed in sports including soccer, alpine skiing, track and field, and cross-country.

He bought his first mountain bike at age 13 and became hooked on cycling.

While studying at university in Montreal, he joined the mountain bike club, and decided to pursue cycling as a sport.

After attending the GP Montreal and watching the pro tour racers, he decided it was something he wanted to pursue.  Ever since, he’s focused on racing and training to become a pro level cyclist.  His trainings have taken him across North America.

Justin has ridden in a number of prestigious races including Redlands, Philly Cycling Classic, and Tour de Beauce.

In 2015, he began with Zwift.  He’s logged almost 64 Zwift races.  Justin has been riding his road bike and training for 5 years – 2 years on Zwift.

Justin said Zwift is the perfect tool for riding inside through the cold winter months of Canada.  Zwift has provided a platform that makes winter riding and training enjoyable.  Zwift races have provided him with extra motivation in the winter, and it has definitely had a significant impact on his racing.  Justin said that thanks to Zwift, he has definitely improved as a racer, and achieved a number of podium results as a result.

Outside of cycling, in 2012, Justin graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology class 2012.