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Cycligent is proud to announce Kim Little who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Kim is 40 years old and has been racing bikes for 25 years.

His main strength is hill climbing.

Kim is a British mountain bike rider who is a member of 2 cycling teams: Team X and Merida Factory Racing.

His cycling accomplishments include:

• Southern UK Masters MTB Champion
• 2 time Silver medalist in the Masters MTB National Championships
• 2 time finisher in leadville 100 MTB and big buckle holder

Kim is currently ranked #3 in lifetime CVR rankings and finished 4th at the CVR World Cup Las Vegas and 2nd at the CVR World Cup in London.

He’s also an early Zwift adopter and a major contributor to our organization. His CVR responsibilities include creating and testing technology, building and configuring stations, and creating graphics.

Outside of cycling, Kim has over 20 years in the web industry. He’s developed a plethora of websites, and now owns and operates a website development company.