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Shawn is 39 years old, and started cycling in his thirties, following a traffic accident that stopped him from running.

As a child, he was always very competitive in sports including football. In his early twenties, he was involved in a road traffic accident which injured his knee. After knee surgery. he was told he probably wouldn’t ever run as well again.

In his thirties, and after having children, he became interested in sports again. He started lifting weights and was determined to improve his strength and fitness.

He bought his first hybrid bike to improve his strength and cardio fitness levels. It was then that he became hooked on riding.

In early 2015, he ditched the weights, got his first road bike, and went KOM hunting. He also joined a local cycling club (Gillingham and District Wheelers).

Shortly after, he started logging his rides using Strava, and from there bought his first road bike. In 2015, he discovered Zwift and eventually joined Team X.

At that time, he was using a basic set of rollers on Z Power. Then he moved onto to a TACX smart trainer and started racing through the winter months. It was important to him to make sure he was calibrated correctly so he bought a power meter and Kickr too.

After his first race as a “B,” he was genuinely surprised to find that he was an “A” rider despite having never raced IRL. It was around that time that he joined Team X and saw how teams cooperated in a race.

He used the ZTR and KISS races to train hard throughout the winter months, and in March 2016, he completed his first IRL 10-mile TT on a road bike in 23:27 328w.

In October, Team X won the TACX worlds team trial. He has continued to push his limits in 2017 with improvements to his climbing, time trial, and overall fitness.

He has ridden over 120 races in Zwift and loves riding with Team X.

Shawn recently bought a second-hand TT bike in April and set a new 10-mile personal best PB of 20:23 341w. He also qualified for the UCI Amateur World
TT Finals in Albi, France.

Shawn continued TTing with his local club throughout 2016, finishing in 2nd place in the championship in his first year, while riding a road bike.

As of today, Shawn has competed in 120 Zwift races and rides with Team X. In October 2016, Team X won the TACX World Team Trial.

Shawn said he’s always leaned toward the racing side of Zwift. Being a part of Team X and racing on Zwift continues to motivate him and push his limits. The team aspect, banter, and communication during races really enhances the Zwift experience. He also said that meeting some of the team
and others he has raced against at the CVR World Cup in London, was great. It’s an awesome global community to be involved with.

Outside cycling, Shawn lives in the UK, with his wife Lindy and his kids Ella Bea and Benjamin, and works as a Production Manager for Meditech Systems Limited.