Cycligent is proud to announce Standa Komarek who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Standa is 34 years old, has been cycling for 10 years, and competed in 96 races.

He started in virtual cycling with a game called Pro Cycling Manager.

The game presented a new world to him. Now he was able to watch the Tour de France and other big races live.

Standa said it was amazing. When he was commuting to work on his old bike, he was timing himself. Then every day he tried beating his best time to work.

He found that his best skill is endurance which is why he focuses on long rides and 24-hour races. His personal best in a 24-hour race is 781.7km.

Next, he found Zwift. He considers it a great and safe training tool with an awesome
social aspect. Standa said that he can ride much more often and have fun.

He also said it’s really fun when his children can watch him race and even choose the color of his bike. That’s why he says his Tron bike is often pink.

Standa has been climbing up the CVR, and is now 8th with 110 races.

We are happy that Standa has embraced Zwift and look forward to seeing him compete at the CVR World Cup.