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Cycligent is proud to announce Tim Fulford who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Tim is 27 years old, a resident of Northern England, and has been cycling for 10 years.

He’s been riding Zwift for nearly a year and has ridden in almost 40 races. It was Zwift that lead him to join TeamVision.

Tim has become a much better rider and racer by enjoying all the races, mixing it up a little, and challenging himself. Memorable racers include last year’s Team Worlds and this year’s Vision vs Team X.

Tim has enjoyed watching previous instalments of the CVR World Cup in Las Vegas and London.

He’s seen his current teammates compete in both.

So now it’s his turn to join in and enjoy Zwift in a different environment, while meeting the people he has raced with for over a year.

Tim loves helping other TeamVision riders become better as wel