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Cycligent is proud to announce Steve Tweed who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Steve is 41 years old and started cycling as a child.

He always loved cycling. As a child he had a Raleigh Chopper, and as a teenager he used to ride around the hills of South Downs of Southern England soaking up the sun and collecting scars from the sharp flint and pointy barbed wire.

Some years later, he got married, had two boys, and got divorced. Cycling went on the back burner.

Over the next decade, he changed jobs and moved numerous times. In early 2013, he started commuting to work in London using Strava. This is when he got hooked on improving himself. Riding 44 miles every weekday meant his base fitness was excellent. At the same time, he wasn’t improving his speed riding on a £400 Hybrid.

Next, he had his first experience of Sportives, completing several 100 mile rides in respectable times. Then as life happens, he changed jobs again and hung up his cleats.

Time passed and he developed the itch to cycle again, so he invested in a proper second-hand carbon race bike

After that, he never looked back. His new commute was on quiet winding country roads which he really enjoyed. While he loved riding in the summer, he didn’t want to ride outside in the winter.

Next, he bought a Tacx Neo with all the trimmings and became obsessed. Being used to solo riding he spent the first 9 months cycling around Watopia on his own, chasing the jerseys and completing the challenges, before he swallowed his nerves and joined a few group rides with different teams.

A short time later, he discovered Zwift, as well as joined a team called WBR.

In late 2016, Steve began competitive cycling using Zwift, and after a few races, established himself as a Cat (B) Zwifter. In early 2017, he became a Cat (A) and has been racing Zwift at least 3 times per week. Steve says that his WBR team and fellow Zwift riders have provided the support and inspiration he needed to boost his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Outside of cycling, Steve lives in Bracknell, UK with his wife and an adorable rescue dog named Roxi – he enjoys walking both of them.

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