Cycligent is proud to announce Angela Man who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Angela has been cycling for about 10 years and has been an athlete since she could walk.  In fact, she’s an outdoor fanatic, spending most of her day outside.

She’s been road racing competitively for almost 3 years, while also training as a triathlete.  She mainly focuses on training and racing triathlons, with a few cycling events thrown into the calendar.  This is her first season where she’s riding and racing her road bike more than her TT bike.

She has really grown as a cyclist this year from racing as a Cat 3 road racer with great teammates and competitors.  Angela is learning and applying new race tactics, while pushing herself harder than ever.

Her love of cycling has translated into becoming a USAC Level 2 coach, while also coaching triathletes.  She loves to coach as she’s dedicated to helping others push themselves to reach their goals.

Being new to Zwift, she’s only ridden it a few times, so the CVR World Cup will be a new learning experience.  She’s extremely excited to participate.

Angela said she’s really grown as a cyclist thanks to Zwift, her teammates, and other competitors. She said that racing with the pros and Cat 1/2 racers really makes her step up her game and that cycling makes her feel alive.  Outside of cycling, Angela is 28 years old, lives in the USA, and loves to hike, cook, camp, climb rocks, and read.


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