Cycligent is proud to announce Rachael Elliot who will be competing at CVR World Cup Paris.

Rachael is 39 years old, and discovered cycling in 2011. after many years of distance running.

She became aware of her sedentary lifestyle in 2005, and entered a local charity 5k in Oxford as an incentive to train.  From this, she developed over the next three years into a fair distance runner, with times of 36 minutes and 80 minutes for the 10k and half marathon respectively.

Sadly, her progress was hampered by injury, which resulted in 2 years off, and switching to cycling.

Rachael found a natural empathy with the bike, and immediately found her home in time trialing.  Because of her long working hours, cycling on the turbo was a natural routine for training.

She even attributes her musical background to being able to sit on the turbo for hours without any entertainment.

In 2015, Rachael discovered Zwift.

Her ability in time trialing translated well to solid performances on Zwift where notable performances include winning the lady’s world championship in 2016.

Outside of Zwift, Rachael has ridden 20:08 for 10 miles, 51:51 for 25 miles and holds the national record (1:03:29) for 30 miles.

In 2017, she was recruited to join the time trial specific team, Drag2Zero.  She hopes to improve these times and achieve more records.

She has raced Zwift 4 times and won the lady’s world championship in 2016.  Rachael credits Zwift racing with helping her mount a major comeback from serious cardiac health issues.

Outside of cycling, in the town of Berkshire, England, she works for BCMS, as well as leads the Newbury Symphony Orchestra, and plays the violin in the acclaimed string quartet, Highclere Strings.

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