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CVR World Cup League

The CVR World Cup League is a global virtual tournament that directly feeds into the CVR World Cup Live races and offers prizes to all abilities.

The League consists of a regular season and a postseason and is run globally across up to 8 zones. Each zone has 4 ‘Race Brackets’ (A, B, C and D). A racer’s given bracket is defined by their performance in the preceding season; for the inaugural Winter Season – 2018, brackets will be defined by CVR World Cup Rankings.

Read on for a quick start guide to the league or register below

Preseason starts on Dec. 5th 2017

Regular season starts Jan. 2nd 2018

Deadline to enter is Dec. 31

CVR World Cup – Winter Season 2018

And counting in prizes

League FAQ’s

How do I register?

Register here and select the zone that is most convenient for you (from a time standpoint, you can race in any zone regardless of your physical location). Remember to make a second and third choice in case your first selections are unavailable.

What category will I be in?

For the inaugural season your racing bracket will be determined by your CVR World Cup Ranking.

Racing Bracket Divisions
A Elite, 1, 2
B 3, 4
C 5, 6
D 7, 8, 9

For future seasons (there are four per year) you bracket will be determined by how you did the previous season (there is a promotion / relegation process at the end of each season – top 5% move up / bottom 5% move down)

How often are the races?

We are targeting a race ever three hours on Tuesdays (but this depends on your timezone). So there will be 8 races over a 24 hour period to help with time of day issues. You can race in any zone that is convenient for you. You must, however, race in the same time zone each week during the same season.

Will League Participants be Invited to CVR World Cup?

YES! Winners of Bracket A from each Zone will be invited to the current season’s CVR World Cup. Second and third places will compete head-to-head in the postseason play-offs for the a birth to next season’s CVR World Cup.

Are there prizes?

Winners in all brackets in all zones receive prizes.