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General FAQ

Where can i download the cycleFAST app?

Windows users can download here (.exe)

and Mac users here (.dmg)

Do I have to ride in Zwift each day in order to be eligible to win?

Yes and No.   Yes, you will need to complete a 1x a week CVR group training ride and (2) training races in Zwift in order to be eligible for selection.    No, in that you may ride outside, or in your favorite virtual world the rest of the time.

With the $79 training program will the training plan be available as workout files in Zwift that can be done in ERG mode, or are the workouts live coach lead only?

Yes, they are available as workout files inside Zwift and done in Erg mode.

Do I have to complete each workout in the Hunter Allen Training plan in order to be eligible to win?

No, the training plan is only a guideline.  If you want to do your own training, that is perfectly fine.  If you have a coach that prescribes workouts for you, then please do these.

How will you prevent from cheating in the competition?

There are a number of ways that cheating will be prevented.

#1- The final selection to the Fantasy camp will be based on a secret band of fitness that riders will be selected from.  For Example, it might be riders that have a 20 minute power of 3.4 watts per kilogram and a 1 minute power of 6.0 watts per kilogram.   If a rider starts with their 20minute at 4.0 watts per kilogram then they would train for 8 weeks to improve it to 4.2 w/kg, maybe they decide to cheat and it goes to 4.6 w/kg, but this would do them no good, as the selection band is 3.4 w/kg.

#2- There WILL be doping control at the CVR world cup races.  Be prepared.  #doperssuck.

#3- If you are selected for the Fantasy Camp based on your ranking in the training period, but show up at the Fantasy Camp with a more than 10% discrepancy in your power numbers at 20minute, then we reserve the right to ask you to leave the selection camp and pay for all expenses incurred by CVR, INC.

How do I upload my ride data to CVR?

Once logged into your account, after your workout, you will click on the day and then at the bottom, look for “Upload FIT file”   Click on “CHOOSE FILE” and then upload your file from there. For detailied instructions use this guide

What if I don’t use a Garmin head unit?

You can upload your saved from inside Zwift up to Garmin Connect, which will then push directly to the CVR website. You can also upload directly to the CycleFast calendar.

Do I need to upload all my rides to my CVR account even if I am not doing the workouts from the Hunter Allen Training plan?

Yes, you will need to upload all of your rides, whether you do them outside on the road or inside on Zwift or another “trainertainment” program.   Part of your ranking will be a “consistency score”, which is based on your rides/workouts completed vs. prescribed. Follow this guide for details on how to upload

I have questions about the workouts and/or my training plan. Where do I go to get some advice and help?

We have a Forum on this website, Just click the FORUMS Tab and log in !

I can’t do a workout during the week, what should I do? Skip it completely, push things forward and catch up.

If you can’t do a workout on the day, then just skip that day and go to the next day, don’t worry about catching up.

I am on the Intermediate plan and my group ride day is on Thursday, but none of the times work for me. Can I do a group ride on another day and it still count as my weekly group ride. I want to get the maximum compliance points.

Yes, just do the ride on either Tuesday or Wednesday.   Tuesday is the beginner ride and Wednesday is the Advanced ride.  Try the Advanced ride first and if it’s too fast, then bump back to the Beginner ride.

I have a coach, can I still do the Training Challenge

Yes, if you have a coach, keep your coach and do the training plans that are being prescribed to you. You will only need to do (1) weekly group ride per week and the (2) training races.

I would love more help with this. Are their coaches that can help me?

Yes, We have a close relationship with Hunter Allen and his coaches at Peaks Coaching Group. They will be glad to help. Please contact them at [email protected]

I am struggling with the workouts. Can I switch plans to an easier plan?

Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you

What Cadence should I use when I am doing the workouts?

We recommend that you ride at your “self-selected” cadence.  This is the cadence that feels best to you.  If that’s 88rpm, that is fine.  If it’s 105rpm, that’s fine too.  We do recommend a minimum of 85rpm though to make sure you are creating the appropriate cardiovascular stress.

When does the training start?

You can access the training plan immediately. The training challenge begins on April 2nd.

Can I do both? I want to race in the League and also do the Training Challenge?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. Please note that the League will be at a higher level of fitness, so keep that in mind for the group rides there. To qualify in the “Performance” category, you will have to do all the requirements to score maximum points with a high ranking.

How do I get my training plan?

You will receive an email on April 1st that describes how to get your training plan. Basically, You will log into the CycleFAST app on that day and your plan will be loaded into your calendar.

How do I get my workouts into Zwift?

Log into your account on and choose the day’s workout you are doing. Then in the upper right hand corner there is a “Download” icon. Click on this and download the file to your ZWIFT>WORKOUTS directory. Now open up ZWIFT and click “SELECT a workout”. Your workout of the day will be there. Here is a support doc from Zwift to help you. If you need more help, please check out this post in our forum.

When are (Date and Time) of the Group workouts and Training Races?
  • Beginner will be on Tuesdays
  • Advanced on Wednesdays
  • Intermediate on Thursdays

And there will be at least 3 different times throughout the day for the group workouts.    Hopefully 5 times.

Let’s say you sign up for the Beginner plan, but you can’t do the group ride on Tuesday.  That’s o.k, do the Intermediate on Thursdays then.  If that doesn’t work then do the advanced on Wednesday.   All the wattages are scaled so you won’t be dropped.

You will HAVE to do at least 5 group workouts per season in order to get the max points.   AND 2 training races.    If you do that, you’ll get max points.

And that will allow you to have the best chance to be selected.

Still need help?

For any other questions, please contact us via the live chat at the bottom of this page or post a question in the forums