League Rules

  1. Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and a Power Meter or a Smart Trainer is mandatory in all Race Brackets (A, B, C and D).
  2. Power-Ups (PU’s) are disabled within the event module, however a racer may use an already collected PU after the start of the race without penalty.
  3. Riders must always display their true name when racing and it must match the name originally registered in order to be eligible for position or points.
  4. A profile with linked Strava account is required in order to be eligible for points in League races. We use Zwift Power for results so any global rules they apply may also be applicable to League races.
  5. CVR World Cup supports the efforts of the Zwift Riders Verification Group (, and will impliment their decisions wherever practically possible. Any DQ’s, suspensions or penalties imposed will be applied to the CVR World Cup League races.
  6. CVR World Cup League recognises the work done by ZADA (Zwift Anti Doping Association) and upholds the findings of it’s approvals and investigations. To this end, riders with ≧4.9W/Kg (derived from 95% of 20min maximal effort) will require ZADA approval in order to qualify for points.
  7. Deliberate drafting of zPower riders or those without HRM is expressly forbidden, any riders found to do so will face disqualification.
  8. Deliberate drafting of riders who are known to be DQ’d or banned is considered in breach of the rules and riders doing so may be disqualified.
  9. All riders have the right to log protests (directly to ZRVG, ZADA or CVR Organisers) and in turn can appeal any decisions which have been made against them. Following the outcome of an appeal, the final decision stands and is not subject for further appeal.
  10. Riders must always race in the correct Bracket (viewable @, those found not, will forfeit any points scored and may face disqualification from the League.
  11. Promotions and Relegations take place at the end of the Regular Season, it is the responsibility of the rider to be aware of any changes and ensure they enter the correct Bracket at all times.
  12. CVR World Cup reserves the right to query the performance of any suspect rider at any time during the League, all correspondence will remain private and the outcomes of any investigations will only be shared with the rider in question.