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Streaming Setup

how to configure iOS app to stream to cycleview


Step 1: Download App to device

Download the ‘Larix Broascaster’ app to your iOS device

Step 2: Configure the app

Open the app on your device by clicking the icon, then click the cog icon to the right of the red button to configure the settings


Click the button labelled connections and then click the ‘+’ to add a new connection

In the name field give the profile an obvious name like ‘cycleVIEW’

for the URL you will need to copy the address and key from your profile at

you will need to append the ‘stream key/stream name’ to the RTMP URL and enter this into the app, for example if your RTMP URL is rtmp:// and your stream key is : 0123456 you would enter:

rtmp:// in the URL field in the app

this is the only setting you need to enter. you can then click save and click the back button to return to the main screen




STEP3: Stream

When you are ready to stream, visit the cycleview page again at

and click the ‘Start Stream’ button

after a few seconds in the iOS app click the large red button to start recording from the camera on your device, the video will push to the cycleview website and your output will show on after a delay of around 2 minutes