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Streaming Setup

how to configure OBS to stream to cycleview


Step 1: Confirm Upload speed

Visit http://speedtest.netand check you upload speed, you will need a minimum of 5MB upload to reliably stream

Step 2: Download

Download the Open Broadcaster software at for either Mac or PC and install, run the setup wizard to configure basic settings based on your speeds

Step 3: Video

go into settings > video and set your base and output resolutions to either 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080). These should already be set if you ran the wizard. Change FPS to 30

STEP 4: Output Settings

In settings > output use the following settings. Note the encoder choice may need to be changed depending on your PC setup. Use hardware if you have a high quality graphics card. e.g GTX 1050+. otherwise use software encoder

STEP5: Streaming

Visit the cycleVIEW registration page at

and either sign in with your existing details or register a new account. You will then be given a set of credentials to use under the ‘Custom Streaming Server’ stream type in OBS. You only require the URL and Stream key, there is no username and password.


before starting your stream in OBS make sure to click the ‘start streaming’ button on the cycleview page

STEP6: Sources

Add sources for any content you want to stream, i.e. Zwift and a webcam view

Game capture may require you to launch OBS as administrator (right click on OBS icon and launch as administrator)

STEP7: Stream

Hit start stream and your output will show on as if by magic!!